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This blog is all about the Electonic Technology. It contains unboxing and reviews,any other technology related to Phone, Smart watch,Tablets,etc.

I am here to give you a short info about that particular product with all necessary info. with all his specification and the goods and bed of that. Do know more about the blogs and the fastest growing technology.

This is a world of new and latest technology. As compair to year 2000 technology is growing fast. Sometime its difficult to be Uptodate to the new technology to be the uptodate do subscribe my http://Uptotechno.in to get latest technology gossups.


Hello World,

My name is prem mali the author and foundar of UptoTechno.I’m from Rajashthan and I live in mumbai .

I’m 20 years old and I always like to be uptodate with all new mobile gadgets though that was one of my hobby. That’s why my blogs name is UptoTechno like UptoDate.

I heard about blogging in 2019. To get to know more about it i research about it and find out that nowadays blogging is the best way to get closer to the world.

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